Texture problem, multiple uv's & materials (blender)

I've stumbled upon a (for me) weird problem when using multiple materials and uv textures. After export I end up with this: http://et-aw.com/datas/users/276-ohnoes2.jpg

When I look at my model in blender both uv's unwrap properly and if I press "Swap UV's" in the fbx export settings the body texture is put on properly aswell however, the face texture end up looking the same as the body does in the picture above.

So obviously both uv setup's are working and the problem is somewhere else but I'm clueless on what could be the problem, I've another model in the game that use 4 materials/uv's and there's no problem with that. Anyone who know how to fix this?

The fbx import settings for the model looks like this: http://et-aw.com/datas/users/276-ohnoes1.jpg I have tried reimporting from blender but it ends up the same every time.

I'm not sure if Blender offers this, but try baking your textures onto the model. It may solve your problem.


Have you checked that it’s not a materials problem in UNITY? do you actually see all the materials for that model, and they have their correct textures associated with them?
When i import into unity from blender fbx, i have all the materials but I need to manually assign the textures to them in unity.