Texture Quality - Performance for Mobile Devices

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how much of an impact and exactly what this setting impacts when on full resolution?

Specifically does it eat up Memory, CPU or both? Any experience relating directly to sprite manager 2 would be simply amazing!

Thanks in advance :)

As an answer your own question kind of thing, I’ve found that performance hasn’t really been impacted a huge amount so far…

Even whent as far as setting several textures to true colour!

I have tried 16 bit color and no larger textures than 256x256 and reduce the tris to no more than 12k and I still have performance issues with iPhone 3GS devices. I have also replaced almost all the Update functions with co-routines, no shadows and not to many objects on stage simultaneously and what I have earned is a few more frames per second. The resolution is exactly the same as my 3GS; and all that for nothing!!! I strongly believe that Unity is not playable on older mobile devices as other engines are. Compare games like the “Race after 1977” or “Drift mania” and you will see what I mean. If there is any other magic trick I can make (like buying the Pro version?) please be so kind and tell me.