Texture Question

I have one texture and I have placed it on my 3d object. Within this one texture there are multiple images on it. I want to be able to use the other images on this one texture instead of creating multiple textures of each image. I have placed them all on one texture map and is there a way for me to use the images within the texture?

I thought tilling or offset may help but I don't understand what's the use for tilling and offset when i use them really nothing happens. THe texture moves off but i don't see any of the other images on the texture map.

Is there a way to scrip this?

Which part of a texture is used is a function of how you UV map your objects.

you need to unwrap your 3d models and create "UV" maps. UV maps hold the coordinates for your textures. Import your UV map into Photoshop and add your image to the map, where appropriate. You will basically be given a blueprint of what the object looks like. Use 3dsMax if you want to learn how to unwrap easier. Use the UVW Unwrap modifier for each object and combine them all together at the end to create 1 texture map for multiple objects. Maya can be confusing, so try Max first (imo).

hope this helps.