Texture question

A little background on the problem.

I have the most current version of unity.

I have re-downloaded a new copy and re-installed just in case of corruption.

I’ve created a Celtic Knot style pattern I plan to wrap around multiple objects.
I’ve saved it in both Tiff and Jpeg format.

Next I created an Object, nothing special, just a deformed sphere I planned to use as a rock in my environment. I exported it from blender as a FBX, and drug it into unity. Mesh works fine, and shows up with the default defuse material without issues.

Then I applied my jpeg as a texture. Only problem is, it isn’t displaying the texture, Just the most prevalent color.

I immediately thought - “Must be a scaling issue.”
After adjusting the tiling to the following settings of: .0001, .001, .01, .1, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000, Then I gave up.

I created a sphere in unity, and applied the texture to that. Renders perfect the first time.

Now I’ve done UV maps before, Its been my favorite way of importing to date, but this is something quick I wanted to use on terrain elements that I planned to create rapid fire. Creating a UV map for each will kind of put a damper on my parade.

Is there any way to get unity to correctly print the Jpeg or Tiff texture on a homemade model without a UV map?

The problem is that your imported model has no (or no valid) UV info, which is required for texturing.
Noticing how many people are having problems with textured models coming from Blender, it seems that UV mapping export is disabled per default for some reason or something.

So you need to make sure the info is exported from Blender, respectively search Unity Answers and/or the web about that topic, it has been asked many times before.