Texture(s) from Modo to Unity not possible?

To import a model with baked textures from Modo to Unity I use this workflow:

  • Bake UV map, export to Asset folder as a picture (texture)
  • Export FBX file to Asset folder
  • In Unity i unfold the FBX file, and assign the texture to the mesh

This works fine when I only have one type of material / texture / color in Modo.

When I have more than one, the baking in Modo is fine; I create a UV map with several colors / textures, one for each “side” of the model, with shadows and reflections, in one image file, all is well.

Then the problem arises: In Unity, the model imported has more than one material assigned. Each nicely imported with correct main color from Modo, and as such ready to just have the texture dumped upon them.

But I only have one texture file - that is the whole idea: One texture for one small model.

I can of course reduce the number of materials in the Unity project, but that just deletes them, the texture map does not fit the remainder: I am not able to paste my single texture onto a model that natively has several materials in Unity.

Is it really not possible to make a nice bake in Modo and import it into Unity if it has more than one texture in Modo?

It seems so trivial, and I paid so much for these software packages.

Though Modo and Unity has written about how they intigrate since articles I found all the way back to 2011 prior to purchase, apparently yet it is not possible to take something like a simple model and get it into unity with textures - if the model has more than one texture in Modo?

Or is it somehow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Zero answers - so I guess it’s true:

It is not possible to take a simple model from Modo and get it into Unity with textures, if the Modo drawing has more than one texture (which covers most things apart from single rocks).

Google: Take a note of this, and let people know so they don’t waste money like I just did. I feel like trolling someone ;(