Texture scaling automatically with resolution.

Hi again guys! Been a while.

I think we’re all aware of the phenomenon where you are in-game and see an object that has an extraordinarily high-res texture applied to it; and when playing at too low a screen resolution, that texture looks very, very, very aliased (due to all the detail being interpolated and crunched down across so few pixels). This is especially true of normal maps.

I’ve noticed Unity doesn’t automatically accommodate for this.

Are there any scripting functions or other ideas that would be useful for making it so that textures are never displayed at too high a detail for a given resolution? For instance, at 1600x1200 I would like to see the full details of high-res, intricate texturing, whereas at something like 1024x768 I would absolutely have to scale the textures down (to avoid the aliasing I was referring to before).

Thanks for any input or ideas!

Make sure Generate Mip Maps is on. From the Manual: “Generate Mip Maps Select this to enable mip-map generation. Mip maps are smaller versions of the texture that get used when the texture is very small on screen. For more info, see Mip Maps below.”

You can use the quality settings to scale all textures down (full/half/quarter/eighth res).