Texture showing camera view

Is it possible to have a texture which shows the view of a camera so that I can create computers showing a CCTV style view. Could this be done with a script or a shader?

If you want more information I will happily give you the necessities.

It is possible to use textures that uses the ‘view’ from a camera within the scene. Only problem is that is only available on Unity Pro. If you do have Unity Pro (or the trial), then this is how you do it:

First of, right click in your Project window, and ‘Create’ a new ‘Render Texture’. Then create a new Material. Within the material, assign the render texture to the material Texture.

With that done you then want to click on one of your ‘CCTV’ cameras within the scene. Within the inspector, drag the Render Texture into the ‘Target Texture’ on the Camera.

All you need to do now is to apply that ‘Material’ to your Monitors (so a plane, basically).

And Walla!

As of November 2015, you can do this in Unity Personal Edition too - just follow these instructions: Unity - Manual: Render Texture

Is there a way to do this in 2D Projects?

I am unable to drag a render texture onto a Quad or Plane in 2D.