Texture sizes

My artist made me a nice 6668x2004 .png image to be used as a bacground for a scene in adventure game. Me and my artist are new to game dev and Unity.

I’m using 2D aspect of Unity, ortographic camera.

Now, I import this image into Unity, it becomes a sprite, works fine, 6668x2004 translates into 66 x 20 Units (since 1 unit is set to be 100 pixels). But when I obtain image.width i get the width set in “Max size” property in inspector (1024 or 4096 or whatever is set).

First i would like to know why Unity does not resize the image, inspector says 4096 but the image is stil 6668 (I do click apply when changing Max size).

Second, I’v read around that Textures should not be greater than 4096 in size, in fact, that it’s best to keep them not greater than 2048, because of hardware limitations. Now, according to that info my laptop could not handle this 6668 pixels high image, but it does. I feel like I m missing some major concepts.

Third, when building background images for scenes / levels, if I want them to be very long, so the character can walk as in sidecroller (but the background is not scrolling, cammera is just following the character and the image is static), should I say to my artist to think in terms of max 2048x2048 sized images, and build larger images as composites of this smaller ones ?

Fourth, this idea of having one big image (composed of smaller ones or not), which is static and the player is moving around (and camera follows the player). Is that idea “ok”, is it how one could create an adventure game level ?

I’v read around a bit but still I cant construct a model in my head, I’v read about different kinds of transforms (world, local, view, screen…), about using textures in all kind of ways, adjusting textures for different screen resolutions etc etc, but most of it I don’t understand.

I hope I can get some insight gradually, if someone can direct me what to read… maybe answer some of this four questions.

In broad terms, your approach is probably flawed. Presumably you want this adventure game to have platforms, obstacles, “stuff” in the level? You don’t want that stuff baked into a background. Your background image would ideally be something that tiles horizontally, so you can just scroll through it as you progress through a level. Maybe multiple levels of that, or “parallax” scrolling backgrounds. Then create objects for within the level and place them manually in the Unity editor, so you can easily add colliders and things to make them more interactive.