Texture Swap + Animated Offset/Tiling

I am (trying) to learn javascript and
have come across a challenge that
boggles my simple mind. I am trying to
combine this script:

//vars for the whole sheet
var colCount    : int =  4;
var rowCount    : int =  4;

//vars for animation
var rowNumber   : int =  0; //Zero Indexed
var colNumber   : int =  0; //Zero Indexed
var totalCells  : int =  4;
var fps  : int = 10;
var offset  : Vector2;  //Maybe this should be a private var

function Update () { SetSpriteAnimation(colCount,rowCount,rowNumber,colNumber,totalCells,fps);  }

function SetSpriteAnimation(colCount : int,rowCount : int,rowNumber : int,colNumber : int,totalCells : int,fps : int){

    // Calculate index
    var index : int = Time.time * fps;
    // Repeat when exhausting all cells
    index = index % totalCells;
    // Size of every cell
    var size = Vector2 (1.0 / colCount, 1.0 / rowCount);
    // split into horizontal and vertical index
    var uIndex = index % colCount;
    var vIndex = index / colCount;
    // build offset
    // v coordinate is the bottom of the image in opengl so we need to invert.
    offset = Vector2 ((uIndex+colNumber) * size.x, (1.0 - size.y) - (vIndex+rowNumber) * size.y);
    renderer.material.SetTextureOffset ("_MainTex", offset);
    renderer.material.SetTextureScale  ("_MainTex", size);

with the unity wiki’s texture swap code:

var frames : Texture2D[];
var framesPerSecond = 10.0;

function Update () {
    var index : int = Time.time * framesPerSecond;
    index = index % frames.Length;
    renderer.material.mainTexture = frames[index];

And I guess my problem in understanding is, even though I watched some videos on index and modules I don’t feel like I understand all the way yet and am not even sure if that is the answer to my question…

Anyways, my question is : How can I set this script up so that when the sprite sheet plays the final frame the texture is swapped to a different texture?

Hi there, need to check the index value in the first script (Debug.Log (index)), then use a function to use this value and knowing when it reaches the last frame, so you can make the substitution of texture using this function.