Texture tilling to stretch

Hello everyone, i am having trouble setting up the texture to stretch.

I made this plane procedurally, then turn them into a cloth.

Im guessing that the UV coordinate has to do something on this? or no?.

here's how i setup'd the UV in the standard way like this:

for(int a=0;a<UVs.Length;a++)
    UVs[a] = new Vector2(Verts[a].x,Verts[a].y);

what could have gone wrong?

alt text

An answer made from my comment.

If you want to cover the whole mesh with one stretched texture without tiling you should do it like this (assuming mesh is positioned in (0,0,0) ):

UVs[a] = new Vector2( Verts[a].x / MeshXSizeInWorldUnits , Verts[a].y / MeshYSizeInWorldUnits);