Texture2D.PackTextures() - maximumAtlasSize

The manual says PackTextures() will create an atlas that has a maximum size of maximumAtlasSize, if the textures don't fit in there they will be downscaled. I have some rather long animations, that would require an atlas that is at least 2048x2048 pixels big. However for some reason PackTextures() will always create a 1024x1024 texture and downscale everything to fit in there. The result is suboptimal at best. If I pass 2048 or 4096 as maximum size it will still generate a 1024 texure. If I set it to a smaller value (e.g. 512) it will create a smaller texture (512x512). So the question is how do I get PackTextures() to create textures of sizes > 1024x1024??

you can actually switch your project to pc and mac standalone, build in any size you want and then use the texture created in 2048 or 4096 on iphone just fine