Texture2D quality when fitting to a smaller UIRawImage


In my app I download PNG files from the internet and store them on the device. When needed I load them into the UIRawImage.
Some of the images are used as thumbnails before they are scaled to the original resolution. I cannot anticipate the size of the thumbnail, so it’s not generated before.
When I try to fit a texture into much smaller UIRawImage, the effect is terrible.
Please have a look at what I get vs what I would expect to get.

I understand, that it’s a matter of some kind of filter, but I fail to find something which would help.
I have tried changing the filter modes of the texture, but there’s no difference in the quality.

I have checked the quality settings, I use the High level with anti aliasing set to 2x Multi Sampling, Texture Quality - full res.

I am certain this is doable, but I fail to find a way which would not affect performance etc.

Any tips will be appreciated.

After some research i have found that the mipmapping was not enabled on my dynamically created textures.

Creating them this way:

                 byte[] localFile = File.ReadAllBytes(filePath);
                 Texture2D tempTexture = new Texture2D(1, 1);
                 texture = new Texture2D(tempTexture.width, tempTexture.height, TextureFormat.RGBA32, true, false);
                 texture.SetPixels(tempTexture.GetPixels(0,0,tempTexture.width, tempTexture.height));
                 tempTexture = null;

Solved my issue. The important part is the 3rd parameter to the Texture2D constructor.