Texture2D shader clips texture when moving away

Hey ya’ll,

This happens when camera moving away. And the further camera is the less of texture is visible.
So my question would be how to fix this?
My shader code is very basic. You can view it here (first code example)
Material is added on 3d Mesh

Also from time to time I get this error:

Error assigning texarray texture to 2D texture property '_MainTex': Dimensions must match

Where _MainTex is 2DArray type in shader.

I couldn’t find any answer or similar problems.

Thanks for any help.

In case anyone has similar problem here is the solution that worked for me:
When you create text2Array asset in your method initialize it using this:

    text2Arr = new Texture2DArray(texList[0].width, texList[0].height, texList.Count, texList[0].format, false, true);

My fail was that I used true, true in the last arguments where mipChain argument was supposed to be false.

Here lies my wasted days of productivity. RIP.