TextureConverter.RenderToTexture result rotated 90 degree in Sentis 1.1.1

I updated Sentis to 1.1.1 and now TextureConverter.RenderToTexture result seems rotated 90 degree compared to the result with 1.1.0.
Is it a bug or I might need to use some TextureTransform now?

Actuary I’m using texture for input as well so not sure behavior of RenderToTensor is changed or ToTensor is changed.
I used the exact same code for 1.1.1 and 1.1.0 and they gave different result.

_InputTensor = TextureConverter.ToTensor(_InputTextuer, new TextureTransform().SetDimensions(_InputResolution, _InputResolution, 1).SetTensorLayout(TensorLayout.NHWC));
_OutputTensor = _Worker.Execute(_InputTensor).PeekOutput("Output_TensorFloat") as TensorFloat;
TextureConverter.RenderToTexture(_OutputTensor, _OutputTexture);

Did a bit more test and possibly
is doing something wrong?

My other model with NCHW layout
is working fine.


Thank you for reporting this issue!

Can you make a bug report and attach an example project with reproduction steps? I will observe the results generated with previous and current Sentis versions and will report everything to the developers. You can follow these steps for guidance on making a bug report.


I tried to create a minimum project to reproduce the issue but I couldn’t without the specific AI model I use.
So my current conclusion is that some transposing operation in the model was not working in 1.1.0 but works in 1.1.1 and that is why my output texture appear rotated 90 degree only in 1.1.1.
I removed transposing from the AI model and now it is working as expected.

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That sounds very plausible, we had a couple of issues with inference in 1.1.0 which we patched in 1.1.1. Thanks for taking the time to report and test your issue.

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