Textured buildings in Unity

Hello, I recently created 2 diffirent buildings in blender, and a problem came up…The textures are “linked” to each other. I dont know how I will be able to describe this though but Ima give it a try. I created a Appartment house, and I added textures, it looked awesome and I was happy, then after that I created a Police station and applied textures to it and it looked awesome also but then I turned around and looked at my appartment house, and the textures changed, so I dragged the appartmenthouse texture into that square in the panel, and if I try to change the texture of the appartmenthouse then the police house texture changes…it’s really weird and this shit ruins my game…In blender, I marked seems, unwrapped, applied textures - > import to unity3D. Am I missing something?

This is where the material should go, each of the houses needs their own material to prevent them from using the same texture.