TexturePacker spritesheet seems to conflict with Unity's Shader Graph

Hello, I recently encountered an issue using Unity’s Shader Graph. I made a shader that applies an outline to my sprites. Its intended look as shown inside Unity’s Shader Graph editor looks as such:


However, when I go into my scene / game view, sprites with this Shader Graph applied now look like this:


As you can see, the outline of the shader seems to be cropped. My spritesheets were packed via TexturePacker, and the shape of the cropping here matches exactly with the poly outlines of this particular sprite inside TexturePacker.

It appears that TextPacker is conflicting with Unity and cropping the shader effects. Has any other TexturePacker users encountered similar issues with their shaders? What else might be causing this, and how might I resolve the issue?

Thank you.

Upon further research, I think the cause of the issue isn’t a particular conflict between TexturePacker and Unity. TexturePacker simply cropped my sprites too tightly for the shader effects to show.

The solution according to CodeMonkey:

“The easy solution is to just edit the sprite The harder solution is to
make it based on increasing the scale
of the sprite as its rendered then
tinting that, it’s quite a bit more
complex but doable.”

Other work-arounds can be found here:

keijiro’s SpriteOutlineFx

JimmyCushnie’s Outline Effect
Asset Store add-on for generating outline sprites