Textures all white after 5.6 migration

I just installed Unity 5.6 and migrated my existing project from Unity 5.5 to 5.6
Now all my imported 3d models show up all white in Game view (and in the build, where also some textured planes are not visible). In the editor everything looks normal. My models are .blend, .fbx and .obj files. None of them work anymore. How the hell did that happen?
I need some real help here …

I migrated primarily because I have nothing but problems with Global Illumination and I had the hope that 5.6 makes things better. But instead, nothing seems to work anymore … could the all white texture problem be related to GI? Is there a way to disable GI entirely?

Please help :frowning:

I had this happen to me during migration from 5.5 to 5.6 also. Luckily, no code or settings changes were needed to fix. Just clean your project folder and have Unity rebuild your library from scratch:

  1. Close Unity.
  2. Clean your project of any non-version-controlled files with git clean -fxd.
  3. Open Unity and wait for it to rebuild your library.

After doing this, my textures returned to normal.