Texture's Alpha is not Transparent when I use it as a GUI.label

I have two textures that I have checked “Alpha is Transparent”. When I put it on a regular cube and change the Shader to Transparent/Diffuse the alpha is transparent but I want too use it as a GUI.Label. The two textures are a .jpg of a walking person and a running person. I have a option to sprint and I want the label to switch from the walking image to the running image when sprinting. I have made this work but there is a white border around the image. They are both a 64 bit texture , “Alpha is Transparent” is checked, it is clamped, it is set to true color, and it is also set to point.

try something like this:

Whether you are using C# or JavaScript, it should be pretty similar. Ill do it in C# for you.

public Texture2D yourImage;

void OnGUI () {
    GUI.color.a = 1.0;
    GUI.Label (new Rect (1,1,128,32), yourImage);
    GUI.color.a = 0.5;