Textures binding not working as expected when creating Renderer Feature

Hello there, I’m trying to create a renderer feature to have our own post process. We are in VR and using 2021.3.15f1.

I created a blit renderer feature using this documentation : How to perform a full screen blit in Single Pass Instanced rendering in XR | Universal RP | 12.1.13
It works but only for opaque object, I changed the shader to use “_SourceTex” instead of “_CameraOpaqueTexture”.
I also addedcmd.SetGlobalTexture(CamInputProperty, renderingData.cameraData.renderer.cameraColorTarget);

And now I have 2 problems, first it doesn’t work in editor, second now my builds are crashing (when building).

About the first one, there is the output of the frame debugger :

All the rendertarget and the SourceTex are set to “CameraColorAttachmentA” why are my transparent objects disappearing ??

For context purpose we are the URP Fork from Meta : GitHub - Oculus-VR/Unity-Graphics at 2021.2/oculus-app-spacewarp and we have done some minors bugfixes in it.
(Tested in unaltered URP 12.1.12 same bug)

Thanks for your time and help !