Textures disappear when scaling too small

I have a terrain mesh model. The actual size of the model matches the size of the actual terrain.
For example, if I’m representing a 1km x 1km terrain, the actual size of the model is 1 km x 1 km.

I want to render a miniaturized version of it so I can see the whole thing at once, so I’m scaling it down, but the scale factor is small (e.g., .0003).

I found that the model looks fine to a certain point, then the texture disappears altogether and is replaced with plain gray.

Aside from changing the size of the actual model, is there any way I can prevent the texture from disappearing when I go below a certain scale factor?


I figured it out.

It turns out that this was because Unity was switching to a low level of detail because it thought the camera was far away enough from the model to warrant it. In a relative sense, it was.

I ended up scaling the terrain model way up, so the camera was not that far away compared to the size of the model.