Textures For big objects

Hello everyone

Im almost done with my game but i have a problem, I have a labyrinth (made in blender) and its quite a big object and when i try to assign a texture to it then the objects is just a solid colour i tried to change the tilling a lot but nothing changed. Does anyone know what to do? here is a picture of the labyrinth and texture …Picture

thanks in advance skullbeats1

Hell there! One reason could be that you did not set uvs for the model, you need to ‘un-warp’ the models so textures will display right.

If that’s not working then I don’t know what to say, maybe make a bunch of colors and assign colors to parts of the model that needs it.

Have you tried changing the shader from Decal back to Diffuse?
You’re not using any Decal so I don’t think you need it.