Textures get larger in Android build

Hi All,

We are new to porting to Android. We have Unity Pro and basic Android. We have hit the 50 meg file limit.

The textures get larger when compressed?
Is there a setting we are missing?

loading-lake.jpg 92K in project : 170.8 kb it editor.log
valhallaSnapshot.png 432 KB : 682.7 kb

dozens of files all at 682.7 kb in log file?


It got smaller when we changed the compression format.
We gave up playing with overriding textures for Android trying to get below 50 Meg.

We eventually, read randomly, found a reference to binary splitting to an OBB.
We have tried this and have successfully side loaded a phone apk: 9.xxx kb obb: 49.xxx kb.

We are now learning how to get GooglePlay to download the obb.