Textures imported but pieces of it are missing.

A few days ago I came upon a problem in Unity. I wasn’t having it the week before or the month before.

For some odd reason, every time I insert my texture into the texture slot for a diffuse material, it does not display. I can do it for a wall, other character meshes and more, but on 2 meshes which share the same material, the texture does not display correctly.

For example, to amplify this :
I have a mesh with a texture.
This mesh is UV’ed correctly from Blender.
All materials are named correctly and I packed the textures.
Loaded in Unity, half of the body is transparent.

The material is diffuse and there is only one on the mesh.

A little help?

Problem Solved!

I applied a subsurf of 1 in Blender, and after reviewing over the Blender forums, doing this will cause you UV’s to become “hollow”.