Textures importing at wrong size in iOS

A few of my textures are not importing at the correct size in iOS. They are working fine for other platforms (Android and Desktop tested). I tried one of the textures with a blank project, and it imported fine, so I’m a bit stumped. Any suggestions?

Example of one of the textures below. The textures are being used for Unity 4.6 UI components, and are being packed automatically by the Sprite Packer.

Also, the sprite packer is packing a few of the textures into a RGBA 16 bit atlas, even though the import settings for those textures states “ARGB 32 bit”.

Found the issue was some import settings had been added under the iOS tab on these textures, and Override for iPhone was checked.

I’ve only ever worked with the default tab and never checked Override for iOS. So not sure how that happened. Settings seemed completely random, not the same for each texture.