Texture's in unity are very low quality. what to do about it?


I am working in unity for a while now and made some houses to set in my game with 3ds max.

Here are some details about the house : - made in 3ds max - exported in fbx and then imported in unity - used a texture resolution of 10240 x 10240 (png, and tiff tried both) - texture settings are (point, aniso level = 7, max size = 4096, format = truecolor)

i think its the max size for the texture settings( in 3ds max it is just using the highest 10240 x 10240, but in Unity it can't been set any higher then 4096... How can i archive the same quality as in 3ds max? i tried all the settings. I can't recognize any bricks in the wall so thats how low the quality of the texture is....

I have 2 pics but don't know how to post them sorry for that and it is for a webplayer but it looks bad in editor and webplayer so that doesn't matter.

thanks in advance,


If you need that kind of texture resolution then Unity probably isn't the right tool for you. Unity texture performance is on par with any other real-time graphics engine.

I can't imagine how a 3 meter high wall in-game would need anything more than a 1024 pixel high texture. Plus you can do things like multi-texturing to add more variations of detail.

As far as I know there isn't a graphics card that will do 10240 x 10240 in a single texture; the maximum for more recent cards is 8192 x 8192, and if you want to be compatible with more cards, you should not go above 2048 x 2048.