Textures issue, please help

I am a noob to unity but I have gotten the basic down, and I am designing my own game already, the problem is though in the game world the texture for my road (which is the first thing in the world) is realy blurry, I will attach a picture. please help if you know the solution to my problem.
thx in advance to all that are helpful

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p.s. remember I am a noob so please use detail in your answer

The blurriness in the foreground is caused by a texture resolution that’s too low. Increase the resolution of your texture (and create sharper edges when editing the texture), and if your texture size is >1024, make sure to adjust the import settings “Max Size”.

The blurriness in the background is caused by missing aniosotropic filtering. Make sure the slider is set to >=1 in your texture’s import settings, and also make sure anisotropic textures are not disabled in the quality settings.