Textures messing up


I make my own 3D models for my game but encountered a problem. My textures are messing up. Sometimes, materials are replaced with others, but it isn’t a major problem. My problem is this:

The above image is a screenshot of me making a model of a Liverpool cup. I have done this in Google Scketchup 7 and exported is as a .dae (Collada) file. This is what it looks like in Unity:


When I used other people’s models in Unity (with permission), it never used to happen. The file format usually was .fbx, or .3ds. Neither did the materials swap. Might it be an issue with .dae files? Might it be an issue with Google Sketchup? Or could it be an issue with the import settings in my Unity? Please help.

I just tried out different file formats, and .fbx is the best for Unity. I exported my model as .3ds, and something didn’t go as I expected. Then I tried .fbx and this is my result:


It’s still not perfect, but better than the rest. I can live with my results. For anyone wondering how you can export as .fbx from Google Sketchup for free, you have to download Google Sketchup Make 2014 and export stuff from there. Personally, I make models in Sketchup 7 and and then open them in Sketchup Make 2014 to export them. Note: you will only have 8 hours free on Sketchup Make.