Textures missing in Unity 2017.3

When i import a FBX-File in Unity 2017.3 the textures are missing. Furthermore every single material of an imported FBX-File is not editable. I reproduced the same issue on another computer with different FBX-Files. Most of my models are exported from 3Ds Max 2018 with embedded media checked. Do i have to do something different now when i export FBX-Files or is this a bug in the new version ? Does anyone have the same problem or a solution for this ?

Hi, i`ve got the same problem. Doing a fresh installation of unity 2017.03.0f3 and unity 2018.01.0b2 on two maschines and tried to import an fbx-file with embedded media and there are no textures. next try by draggin the max-file in the assets-folder. same problem.
the preversion 2017.02.0f3 works fine. The imported fbx-file generates the textures-folder and the textures shown on model faces. Nobody outside with this problem??
Michael vehicle

I have the same Problem using Unity 2017.3.1f1.
In addition, when I import an fbx file created from Autodesk ReMake, the model contains lots of children, each carrying an own Camera component. Very bizarre and annoying.