Textures not applied correctly to 3D objects

Hello. So I ordered a bunch of 3D objects and I was given files of these formats for each 3D object.


However, when I import these items to unity and try to create a material with the .png file and add it to the object, the textures are completely wrong. (see attachment)

This is the .png texture. (see attachment)

Well, i guess the object wasn’t unwrapped. In other words it either doesn’t have any UV / texture coordinates or they are all 0. The result will be the same.

Can you select the actual “mesh” object of your model and check the preview section at the bottom of the inspector? It tells you what vertex attributes the mesh has. Have a look at this example:

Download blender, it’s a free modeling application. Use blender to open the model and unwrap it there.

A good YouTube tutorial can be found here on how to unwrap a model and export the UV map. Export/save your model once you are done unwrapping it.

Once you unwrap it and get a UV map exported, you then open that uv map in your photo editor and paint in your colors there. Bring that .png into unity and attach it to your unwrapped model.


Thanks for your reply. This is what I got. @Bunny83