Textures Not Tiles

Hi could someone please help me put textures in Unity not textures tiles
or could someone please help me make textures in Unity not tile textures
Because i dont want the textures to repeat like tile textures do.

Like these pictures in Far Cry 3

Thanks WarInParadise

The beach picture looks like a regular Unity terrain, and the sand seems to be tiled. The first picture, however, shows tire tracks - a kind of image that’s usually unsuitable for tiling. In such cases, it’s better to create and paint a model in a 3D editor (Maya, Blender etc.), then import it to your scene.

I get what is being asked. The size of the image and the size of the terrain determines if it “tiles” or not. So if your texture is 1x1 but the terrain is 500 x 500 you will end up with 500 X 500 tiles. If you made the size of the picture 500X500 to match the land at 500x500 then there would be no tiles. Obviously that will have some major blur issues.

Another factor is the sand may be tiled but its called a Seamless Texture. That means its designed to repeat upon itself and not cause a tile effect even though it is still tile. As far as tire tracks, the ones that pulled that off did good. But there are a few ways you can pull it off. One is is set up the basic terrain, then add model structures like rocks hills and mountains using seamless texture tiles. he other i getting super skilled using the pain brush. t