Textures on models have a green tinge

I have seen this issue discussed in other places and have tried many of the fixes but I’m not getting anywhere. I’m a programmer trying to make some simple models for my game so please bare with.

I made a handful of models using KenShape, and exported them as .OBJ files, imported them into Unity and first struggled to apply their textures to them. Once I figured that out I noticed that they all had a green tinge. If I open the models in Windows 3D Viewer, they display exactly as they did in KenShape with all the colours perfect but Unity is giving them a dull green tinge which I can’t seem to shake.

There is nothing else in the scene, apart from the default setup (camera and directional light) which is all default so I haven’t tweaked any lighting or anything. The scene is fresh. If I import the models in such a way that their textures are applied in the prefab they even have a green tinge in the assets panel.

Here are some screenshots of one of my assets viewed in Unity and Windows 3D Viewer:

Appreciate any help.


Finally found the solution. In case anyone else has this, for me it was texture compression. Find the texture in the project window, select it, then, in the tabbed box under Default the bottom drop down should be Compression. Set that to None as shown in this screenshot:

Really hope this elevates some headache for people. Found this works for both my OBJ files and FBX files exported with Atlas textures from KenShape.