Textures turn Pink

HI my problem is that all my textures have turned bright pink, this was after a computer crash. As I see it I have a number of options:

  1. Re assign all the textures by hand…this is difficult as its not that obvious where they all go, this would take a couple of days.
  2. Re import all the 3d elements and re assemble, this would again take a couple of days.
  3. System Restore to before yesterdays crash, I do not have a regular backup of my files so presumably only the recently installed programs and drivers would be uninstalled? So presumably this would not solve my problem?

I did fix it just by reimporting all assetes: Assets>Reimport All.

This is a common question. It normally has to do with a problem with the Shader applied to the object. Remove and re-add the shader.
For additional info, check the following (existing) answer:
Everything Became Pink

Magenta can mean two things AFAIK, either the shader is broken or you have an unassigned material; The latter is the case here.

Your renderers simply do not have a material assigned. This happens to me sometimes in my projects, not sure why… Someone else commits the scene, and when I update, materials go missing… The way to fix it, is to select your mesh, uncheck “Import Materials”, apply and then re-check “Import materials” and re-apply. Your meshes will have their correct materials assigned once again. Commit the scene and you’ll never see the problem again.

In the random case that somebody else comes a long this and gets the weird issue I did, here.

I came across pink textures as well, it was a shader issue but not this one. I imported Taichi (free), which worked fine, once I imported Aio (by the same author) all things went to hell. My terrain more noticeably was pink, then white. After hours of frustration and I accidentally came across the solution.

Never realized the connection at first! However I randomly deleted Aio’s shaders (because I noticed there were doubles of Toon/Cutoff) and then my terrain’s textures appeared! Then I noticed most of Aio’s materials were corrupted.

So there you go, could be duplicate shaders.

I had a similar issue with a very simple 2D game that I transferred across to my Macbook to test on a handset.

It turns out that the materials on my sprites just disappeared!

Re-allocated the sprite material and all good again.

For anyone who finds themselves here like myself.

To fix your pink sprites, click on the sprite & search for the default “lit” material after clicking the eye.

This will make them black unless you already have lights.