Texturing a huge mesh (cave system)

So i recently finished a mesh for a fps project. It is a main map, a cave system with certain rooms and constructiions. I unfortunately do not know how to texture such a huge area with multiple textures (like you can do it on terrain).
Unwrapping the mesh and making a single texture for it all is a bit stupid since even 1024x1024 texture needs to be tiled in a 5x5 grid over the uv.
Does anyone know any better solutions to this?

Hello Demvanko, so i see your operating in blender, with blender’s texturing system i am not familar, but the concepts should still hold true. For one, with a mesh like that ,if your adamant with keeping it one mesh, make sure the normals are facing inwards and not outwards. this is so the texture displays correctly.

aside from that, i believe you can just select what faces you would like to texture, unwrap, export out, photoshop the actual texture to the dimensions that the unwrap is, then apply it to those same faces. it works in maya.

if that was confusing and you are fluid with texturing, basically just texture specific selections of faces.

now i wouldnt personally go about it this way (even though its a nice looking mesh) i would make it in different pieces and just put them together. for example if you want cave walls, make a seamless rock texture that can tile well across the entirety of that cave wall, then make any other parts of the cave a different mesh.

good luck, and please respond if your having issues. any keywords like normals or uv unwrap that you dont understand a quick google should solve your confusion

Edit Mode > Select All > Press Space > Smart UV Map > Press Enter > Add The Material in Unity.

That should work in most cases.