Texturing a icosphere

Anyone can point me into the direction on calculating uv coordinates on an icosphere?

Appriciate that very much.


Hey guys - an icosphere is just a sphere, and it’s dead easy,

you just use ordinary “cylindrical projection” (Miller projection if you will … Miller cylindrical projection - Wikipedia )

and it’s that easy. simply use the “latitude and longitude” of a sphere to map to a rectangle.

Just by the way. When you ask “I want to map on to a . . . some 3D shape . . .”

So for example, you are asking “I want to map on to a sphere”

You actually have to state the OTHER part of the probem, also!

So, do you want to map a SQUARE image on to a SPHERE. Or do you want to map a ROUND image on to a sphere, or do you want to map a TRIANGLE image on to a sphere - or conceivably some other flat shape, you want to map on to the sphere.

Of course, it’s apparent you very likely mean a “square or rectangle” since that’s what PNGs almost, always, are :slight_smile:

Finally it’s worth noting that … you can map from a flat PNG on to a mesh surface … any way you like! You can “bend and distort” if you will, as you happen to want.

Indeed, that’s exactly why assembled textures / maps for dinosaurs or whatever (made by something like Unfold3D) look really weird and bent (if you map a head or something any possible “choice” will look weird and bent).