Texturing hex tile


Check out the images above. The hexmap is formed of separate hexagonal tiles each pareneted by map object. How can i texture the tops of hextiles with the png hex picture? I wanna give this game a boardgame-like look so i was thinking about changing all the tile materials to wood and put the pictures on top of them. I also have to write a script to detect if there’s gaps in the map, any ideas?

You mean the meshes? Yeah i bought the primitives pack from asset store. It contains about 60 primitive shapes, and there were many hexagons too. I got pretty satisfying result creating a cube, texturing it with the picture with transparent cutoff. Scaled cube y to 0 and then made hextile it’s parent.
Here’s picture:
alt text

You would do this in your favorite 3D modeling package. Get help on UV mapping. You probably want a flat projection, pretty simple.