Texturing troble on imported, tile based map.

I’m trying to develop a rogue-like game in unity. Because of this, I need a tile-based map.

Thanks to this tutorial, I’ve created a 9x9 square tiled map easily.


For “too long, didn’t read” guys, I basically did those steps;

  1. I draw a 2D 9x9 square tile based map with Adobe Illustrator and saved it as Illustrator 8 file.
  2. I imported that AI file to Autodesk Maya and used Mesh->Seperate tool on it. After that, I unparented all of the tiles and ta-da I’ve created a 3D tile based map.
  3. I exported .FBX file to my unity projects Assets folder
  4. I draged .FBX file from my Project folder and dropped to my scene. Done.

Now, my problem is, I want to apply a texture on a single tile. Nevertheless, whenever I try to apply a texture to any tile, it behaves like I’m only taking 1 / 81 of the texture (remember, it’s a 9x9 map) and applied only that part of the texture to the related tile.

I’m uploading a screenshot for a better understanding.

I’ve googled my problem and according to my findings, it’s happening because I didn’t do any UV Mapping. Well, the thing is I have no idea how to do it (this is going to be my first game and I’m a super-duper newbie to 3D modeling). Only examples on the web are about general UV Mapping (how to map a cube or some generic shapes)I have no idea about how to do UV mapping to a tile based map with Maya.

Actually, even I don’t know it’s an UV mapping problem or not. I’m so stucked. Please help me.

Thanks in advance!

Try setting Wrap Mode to Clamp, and adjusting Tile and Offset properties of the material for each tile to get it sized and centered.