Texturing: using Blender or Unity?

Hi there,

We are pretty new to Blender and Unity and I was wondering if I should apply the texture with UV-mapping on objects in Blender or only add the textures in Unity. Everytime when I create an object in Blender and also add textures in Blender, we have to add the texture in unity again. So why would I bother doing it in Blender first? I hope someone can tell me why.

Additional info: We save the blender files as .blender and import them to unity. Is this the right thing to do?

Unity does not provide UV-mapping feature in it’s editor (it can be done via coding), it needs to be done inside Blender itself for convenience.

Read Meshes for details on file formats to use. It is always better to use .fbx file format. You can find why in the link provided above.

Also to avoid rinse and repeat for importing models and textures read Importing Assets or go through some tutorials over Internet to learn it.

You can not do UV Map in Unity, so you need to do them in Blender and export to Unity. Try to apply same texture without UV map direct by Unity: nothing will be on the right place. Then it’s not a choice between one or other: you first make the uv mapping on Blender, after you assign the texture in Unity. You make it twice because Unity does not recognize the 3D applications materials.

Well, I think should be better export as .FBX.
Take a look here (advantagens & disadvantages): Unity - Manual: Importing assets

Thanks both for your answer! I figured out how to do the UV-mapping correct in Blender. I created a wooden log and the problem I am having when I export it as a .FBX file is the following:

The log is build up out of 3 pieces: the bark, the bottom and the top. In blender I assigned 2 different textures for the log. One for the bark and one for the bottom and top. In blender these pieces are 3 different meshes as I seperated them. When we import the .FBX file into Unity and we apply the texture on it, it somehow adds the texture to all 3 meshes. I can’t assign the 2 different textures anymore. Do you have any idea what creates this problem?

Why you’re applying the textures in Unity again?

What I do is create a Texture folder somewhere int he Assets folder, before copying the fbx, I copy the texture file, so when you later copy the fbx, Unity will search and find the texture in the folder. No need to re-apply textures in Unity.