Thai characters be shown broken on iOS 13

Unity Version : 2018.4.3f1

Target Phone : Any iPhone that be installed iOS 13

Problem : Thai characters be displayed to ? character in some font files on iOS 13. it is only occured on iOS 13

I think it is problem of font that don’t have thai characters. when font file don’t have thai characters, problem is occured. but it is not occured on iOS 12 and below versions. something is changed on iOS 13. In ordinary case, it used system-font file to display characters if font file that be imported to unity project don’t have valid character be displayed.

How can i around this problem?

Please Help me ~~ !! T .T

I have the same problem too, use Unity 2018.3.14f1 and iOS 11 and 12 is Ok, now upgrade to iOS13 my Thai text show [?][?]. But if I set text in Thai hard code is show in Thai correctly with Pridi font, on UI I use L2Localizaton plug-in to change language.