The 3 mono scripts that come with the First Person Controller asset are missing!

I was following a tutorial (link below) to build an FPS from the ground up with the help of some assets that came with the software. I built a platform and put a light above it. However, when I put the FP Controller onto the platform and deleted the built-in main camera EXACTLY like the instructions told me to and started play mode, I couldn’t move! Upon inspection of the video and my own interface I noticed a difference. The tutorial’s didn’t have 3 missing scripts! Where can I get these scripts and how do I insert them OR is there another, perhaps updated, FPC Asset I can download and use? Heres the link to the tutorial: Click Walking Around in the second group for the one I was on.

The scripts you will need are MouseLook.cs, CharacterMotor.js and FPSInputController.js. Try the menu Components->Character: it may have the options Character Motor and FPS Input Controller . If not, import the scripts in the menu option Assets->Import Package->Character.

These scripts will be found in the folder Assets/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/Sources/Scripts. Assign all three to your character, and set the option Mouse Look / Axes to MouseX in the Inspector. Assign the script MouseLook.cs also to the camera, but set its Mouse Look / Axes option to MouseY.