The animation state Idle could not be played because it couldn't be found!

so I made two animations called “Idle” and “Animation” but neither of them would be found when I test the game…

I have the main “shooting” script in the parent folder and the weapon under with the animations on him

Here is what I have on the weapon:
(Don’t worry about the link, it’s just a quick print screen application)

and here is the script…
(Sorry, idk how to add the fancy thing where the script comes in)

This is the error messages I get

But any help?!

First of all: Is that really an appropriate user name?

Secondly: if you don’t know how to add the “fancy thing where the script comes in” I recommend watching the Unity Answers tutorial video on the right side of this page.

Thirdly: your problem is actually in the two warnings you get. You have to mark your animations as Legacy to use them with the old animation system. Click on your animation in the project view, now in the inspector there is a drop down where you can you select legacy. Hit apply and it should work.