The best overloaded method match for google play games

I have the following script below. I copied and pasted it right from google play games github and I am getting errors. Can someone explain why and how to fix this? Thank you in advance.

void ShowSelectUI() {
		int maxNumToDisplay = 5;
		bool allowCreateNew = false;
		bool allowDelete = true;

		ISavedGameClient savedGameClient = PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.SavedGame;
		savedGameClient.ShowSelectSavedGameUI("Select saved game",
	public void OnSavedGameSelected (SelectUIStatus status, ISavedGameMetadata game) {
		if (status == SelectUIStatus.SavedGameSelected) {
			// handle selected game save
		} else {
			// handle cancel or error

I get two errors and I cannot figure out how to solve them.

Assets/Scripts/google.cs(147,33): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `GooglePlayGames.BasicApi.SavedGame.ISavedGameClient.ShowSelectSavedGameUI(string, uint, bool, bool, System.Action<GooglePlayGames.BasicApi.SavedGame.SelectUIStatus,GooglePlayGames.BasicApi.SavedGame.ISavedGameMetadata>)' has some invalid arguments

And I have this too below

Assets/Scripts/google.cs(147,33): error CS1503: Argument `#2' cannot convert `int' expression to type `uint'

//change this
int maxNumToDisplay = 5;

//to this
uint maxNumToDisplay = 5;