The best place to learn Javascript/C#

I’ve messed around with unity for a long time now but never really got the chance to learn how to really use programming to make a game of my own. I’ve used some other people’s code just to see what all i could do but didn’t really learn anything from them. I havent learned much from the unity website and other websites ive visited so im just wondering if somebody knows the best place to learn this stuff. I dont care if its Javascript or C# i just want to be able to work on something of my own and maybe make something creative with it. Just comment and ill appreciate the help. Thanks

There are tons of places it just depends on how you pick it up mate. For javaScript i would goto and learn java there once you have learned the basic of how to write simple code i would jump strait into unity and start coding. Remember if something does not make sense like Arrays or anything like that just read up on them and watch some vids to see how they work.