The best way to load a bunch o resources

I was working on a game, and ther’s a lot of stuff that needs to be loaded like customizables.
So I did a class like this:

 public static class Stuff
     public static GameObject char1 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char1 ");
     public static GameObject char2 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char2 ");
     public static GameObject char3 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char3 ");
     public static GameObject char4 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char4 ");
     public static GameObject char5 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char5 ");
     public static GameObject char6 = Resources.Load<GameObject>("Char6 ");

So every time need to use any of this assets I can do: Stuff.char…

But I’m sure there’s a better way to do it. If you think this is ok let me know:)

You can do this with an array of GameObjects.

const string charString = "Char";
const numberOfCustomizables = 6;
public static GameObject[] customizables;

static Stuff()
    customizables = new GameObject[numberOfCustomizables];
    for(int i = 0; i < numberOfCustomizables; i++)
        customizables *= Resources.Load<GameObject>(string.Concat(charString, (i+1), " "));*

Now you can load resources as defined by the numberOfCustomizables integer.
I added the string.Concat function because it can construct strings in a slightly less memory-consuming way but you can simply use (“Char” + (i+1) + " "); if it is better for you. Also, if you don’t use the concat, remove the first line.