The best way to save and load data for mobile in unity ?


I just wanted to know what is the best way to save data for mobile games in unity for both platforms Android and iOS. For the moment i only know PlayerPrefs class but this wasn’t secure asi understood. I am finishing my first game for mobile and wanted to know how to save data like score and unlocked items, etc., in users mobile phone and Google Play Services too. Also, how can I save data online like Google Play Services for iOS platform too ?

I’d be grateful if you suggested me something because I have no idea how to achieve this for the moment.
Share links and sites too if there is any tutorial for any of these methods in saving mobile game data.

Thank you,
Gerald Bathorja.


I’m not an expert but I advice you to check about the ScriptableObject.
That is easy to store data.

You can find some tutorials about it here :
Here is an introduction to Scriptable Objects : Introduction to Scriptable Objects - Unity Learn

However I hope for you that someone who know more about the subject will respond to you.

Have a nice day.

Timothée Fermeaux