the button in the bottom of scene don't work

i make 2d game and i have probleme with button , i have prefabs when i select prefab it’s appear and with button i move this prefab (solda player) it work perfectly in the scene only in the bottom of scene ,
i have other bottom in other canvas to change view (move camera left and right ) is same probleme the bottom in the bottom left work but in the bottom right don’t work ; i try to move little up and it’s work , i’m realy don’t have an idéa about that , so that you for help me

Try to be a little more clear and give us some code to take a look at. Since you’re basically asking us to take a guess, I’d say that you have “added” some sort of Ad plugin and didn’t full configure it, so it’s overlaying invisibly and you can’t interact through it.

If you give some more details I’d love to help :slight_smile: