The console no longer takes you directly to the error in the script?

The answer may be hidden deep down in some update-log somewhere, but my halfhearted attempt at finding it yielded no results. A change in one of the newer versions is that I can no longer double-click an error message in the console, and then automatically be taken to the part of the script where the error is. I found this function very useful, and cannot understand why they would remove it. Have I misunderstood anything? Can I turn it back on?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It usually depends on the error and the specific IDE that you’re using-
MonoDevelop and Visual Studio work, as long as you have VS Tools for Unity, but most others can’t seem to attach the debugger properly. Often an error occurs within a pre-built assembly (UnityEngine and UnityEditor, more often than not), and you can’t see the point in the script where the error occurs if you don’t have access to the source. Usually going through the list of function calls will eventually bring you to a script you actually do have access to, but the debugger doesn’t really have any way of knowing that that’s where the misstep occurred.

You should try Debug.Logs to see if it’s still working properly though- if you can’t double click and go to the Debug.Log location, then there may be a problem with the editor attachment. Go into Edit → Preferences → External and make sure the external IDE is selected properly and that Editor Attachment is checked. Restart the IDE, Unity, and maybe even the computer, and try again. If that doesn’t work, then it’s either a bug or there may be a problem with the VS Tools for Unity, or some option in the VS IDE. Try Debug → Attach Unity Debugger and see if that fixes it.