the easiest way to mask my scene

ok so basically what i have been trying to find out, is there basically a Photoshop equivalent to masking in unity. so in other words i want my camera to show black, and only reveal a circle around objects with certain objects in my scene. so is this possible ? i would really appreciate any advice. i uploaded a pic of what i want.

You have to go to GUI > Colors > Black
Then the camera is all black.
Then u have to write a script with a direction of the Camera.

Yes, it’s possible. I guess there would be several approaches you could take, but one would be to make an image effect. You could render spheres etc where the objects are through a special camera (basically ONLY rendering these spheres). You could write a shader that outputs white color/no alpha where any sphere would be rendered. The result would then be a texture which basically is your mask. Then you’d apply that texture to your final rendered image, possibly through another image effect.

Some recommended reading to get further:

So to reiterate it:

Render your spheres to a mask (render-) texture using an auxiliary camera component. Don’t render the rest of the world with this camera. Render the rest of your world with your normal camera, but exclude the spheres. Apply mask texture to final image.