the easiest way to script

What is the easiest way to learn how to script in javascript. when i google it it pops up as the , adn i just want the vars and functions, also someone told me he learned how to script with c++, i looked that up too, and it is really confusing. if any one could tell me what to do that would be great because i am tired of not knowing what to do and when i ask questions i don't get the answers i want, or they are vague. also, I find tutorials that would help me but when i attach the script an error pops up that the script is not yet coplete and i need to finish it before i attach it. That is really annoying because if i knew how to script i wouldn't be using the retarded scripts that aren't complete!!!!! Some times it just really pisses me off and i just want to quit sometimes but my life is boring with out all the time i spend trying to figure it out >:(

Have a look at this book, its aimed at Unity Game Development for aspiring game designers/developers without prior experience in programming.It uses JavaScript as the programming language.

Unity Game Development Essentials