The first download speed

Hi, somebody can help me?

According to document, there are two mode to load resource at runtime for web build: Resource folder or Asset bundles ( Unity Pro ).

For streamed web build, resource folder is based on level streamed tech, but its linear. We cant decide the download order for all streamed Level. Is there a way to do this?

The second mode: Asset bundles. According to test, the download level with asset bundles is not saved in HD. Every time we open the IE, asset bundle will re-download the level. So can we save the file in IE cache? It seems that this need a tech: cache system. And with a special license.

Where to find the document about cache system and its price?

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Would Application.LoadLevelAdditive and/or it's associated functions be of help? Meaning, what if you break up your levels in to smaller chunks and load them additively, would that help?