The Future of Properties (when right clicking references in editor)

I don't remember seeing the new properties window when you right click an asset (alt + p), and right clicking any reference to an object in the inspector before. So im assuming its new to 2020.1? Anyways I think this is a feature that I didn't realize Unity was missing until I used it.

Is there any plans to further polish this? This feature is such an life saver since the inspector doesn't change the initial focus with the object that you have selected. However it spams too many new windows every time you right click in to properties

The Properties Window



It would be so awesome if this worked like the peek definition window in visual studio or even similar on how the nested prefab windows worked where there's a back and forward arrows to go in and out of the references

Visual Studio Peek Definition




I know that @willgoldstone was looking for feedback on it earlier

The peek feature would be awesome. I'll check how feasible that would be to add. I'll get back to you.

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